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Les Roberts Biography: Democratic Candidate for Congress in New York

Les Roberts is running for Congress as a Democrat in New York State’s 24th congressional district. Here is the biography of Les Roberts, as offered by the Les Roberts for Congress campaign:

‘Les Roberts was born and raised in Central New York and now lives with his wife, Mary Grace, in Chenango County in New York’s 24th District. After graduating from St. Lawrence University, Les taught high school physics at Fayetteville-Manlius, where he was an active member of the teachers’ union. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in public health from Tulane University and Ph.D. in environmental engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

For the past 11 years, in addition to teaching at Johns Hopkins and Columbia Universities, Les has trained federal employees in disaster response. Through this work, he has had the opportunity to see our federal government at its best and its worst.

Les has served as a Lieutenant Commander and remains a reservist in the U.S. Public Health Service. He has served in five war zones for the first Bush administration and the Clinton Administration. Les has seen our federal government respond bravely and appropriately to human need.

The poor federal response to hurricane Katrina compelled Les to run for Congress. After training federal disaster response employees, working with the military, and seeing legislation that benefited so many people, he was shocked to see our fellow Americans in the Gulf Coast left in need without government assistance. None of the protective measures that we had paid for with our taxes worked, and because of that, Americans suffered.

Les has evaluated and formulated policy at the highest levels of the United States government for years. As a public health professional, he has testified before Congress and repeatedly briefed the National Security Council. His research has been cited on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post, among thousands of other news outlets.

This race is about the people of the 24th district and who can best represent them in Congress. Les’s reputation and national exposure will enable him to shine a spotlight on our district. Les has worked on critically important health issues, worked in eight war zones, and has firsthand knowledge of the workings of the U.S. military. This experience, coupled with his extensive background in environmental and energy policy and his years of work as an educator, gives him the knowledge and credibility to be a strong voice in Congress. It will also enable him to formulate the needed policies in Washington to benefit the people of the 24th District and the nation.”


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Les Roberts Speaks On His Experience Working in Iraq

The following is a selection of an interview of Les Roberts, conducted by the SBS (Special Broadcasting Services) in Australia, one year ago:

“It was terrifying. You know, some of the interviewers wouldn’t ride in the same car as me because I was an American, and we had an agreement that I would never speak on the street. I did go out to the first couple of neighborhoods where we trained interviewers and then for the first 8 of the randomly picked 33 neighborhoods… After that, the Iraqis did the brave chores of going out to Fallujah and elsewhere and interviewing the families.”

Listen to the entire interview.

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