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The Difference Between Michael Arcuri and Les Roberts

Another reader at the Take Back the 24th blog writes the following comment about the issue of foreign policy:

[The question of which Democratic candidate has the most credibility on foreign policy “…strikes at the core of the difference between someone like Arcuri and a Les Roberts. Arcuri may be a competent D.A. and quite capable of representing people in local politics (go, Arcuri, run for State Senate!), but it’s quite a different matter to represent a local community on the national and international scene and do so with the insight and authority that only real experience can bring.

To my knowledge, Arcuri does not have any international experience, nor does his background give us any reason to believe that he’s particularly capable at dealing with matters of state or international affairs.

Electing Les Roberts would allow the voters of NY-24 to rest assured not only that their best interests would be served, but that they would have done the country the favor of providing Congress with a voice of reason and a voice of experience where it really matters.”


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Michael Arcuri Economic Development Plan Abandons Most of District

Michael Arcuri’s economic development proposal centers around the expansion of route 12. The problem? Route 12 only goes along the eastern edge of New York State’s 24th congressional district. It connects Utica and Binghamton. Of course, Binghamton isn’t in the 24th District! So, who is the route 12 development intended to benefit?

The answer: Michael Arcuri’s political supporters in Utica – investors, we might call them.

The huge bulk of district 24 would get absolutely no benefit from the expansion of route 12. In fact, route 12 expansion would damage the other substantial communities of the 24th District: Auburn and Cortland, taking traffic, and much needed business, away from those cities. Places like Geneva and Tompkins county on the western side of the district would also be left in the lurch, but they’d have to help pay the cost – all for the benefit of Oneida County businessmen supporting Michael Arcuri’s campaign.

The people of the 24th District need a congressman who will represent all of the people in the district, not just the Democratic power brokers in Utica and Oneida County.

Unlike Michael Arcuri, Les Roberts is not beholden to any local party bosses. Les Roberts is his own man, and so we can count on Les Roberts to represent us all, not just a few people with business schemes and powerful connections in Utica.

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Les Roberts Has The Only Health Care Reform Plan

Catch this: Of the three Democratic candidates running for the Democratic nomination in New York’s 24th congressional district, only Les Roberts has a specific health care reform plan to provide Americans with the medical that they need and deserve.

Leon Koziol doesn’t have a health care plan. Michael Arcuri doesn’t have a plan.

Les Roberts is prepared. Les Roberts has a full, detailed plan on health care. Read it here.

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