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The Difference Between Michael Arcuri and Les Roberts

Another reader at the Take Back the 24th blog writes the following comment about the issue of foreign policy:

[The question of which Democratic candidate has the most credibility on foreign policy “…strikes at the core of the difference between someone like Arcuri and a Les Roberts. Arcuri may be a competent D.A. and quite capable of representing people in local politics (go, Arcuri, run for State Senate!), but it’s quite a different matter to represent a local community on the national and international scene and do so with the insight and authority that only real experience can bring.

To my knowledge, Arcuri does not have any international experience, nor does his background give us any reason to believe that he’s particularly capable at dealing with matters of state or international affairs.

Electing Les Roberts would allow the voters of NY-24 to rest assured not only that their best interests would be served, but that they would have done the country the favor of providing Congress with a voice of reason and a voice of experience where it really matters.”


April 12, 2006 - Posted by | Democratic Opponents, Issues, testimonials, Uncategorized

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