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Les Roberts the Only Democrat With Foreign Policy Experience

The following testimonial for Les Roberts was left on another blog, the Take Back the 24th blog, in the comments section of a poll about the candidates and foreign policy. I think it bears repeating here.


Les Roberts isn’t just the candidate with the most credibility on foreign policy, he is the ONLY candidate with credibility on foreign policy, and his credibility is considerable. His international policy experience already bests many sitting members of Congress, let alone any of the other candidates in this race.

It is laughable to me that anyone would suggest that either Leon Koziol or Michael Arcuri has more credibility on foreign policy than Les Roberts. In what possible world? On what possible basis does a D.A. from Oneida County have more foreign policy credibility than the one man in this race who has risked his life, quite literally, several times, to go into the most troubled and dangerous parts of the world to study and understand the situation on the ground, and help formulate policy to make things better? What is this experience, if not foreign policy experience? How is it that this sort of experience, in 8 war zones, including Iraq, including Afghanistan, including Rwanda, and Bosnia, how is it that this experience isn’t the best in this race to yield credibility on foreign policy?

What sort of policy experience does any other candidate have to compare to being the director of health policy for the International Rescue Committee? (look it up.) How many hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by the life-and-death decisions made by any of the other candidates? How many of the other candidates have faced wards and wards of children shot in the legs and left in the streets as bait so adults would break cover to resuce them and be shot dead? How many of the other candidates have watched our men and women in uniform used in similar ways by our own military? How many of the other candidates have worked in concert with our military? How many of the other candidates have found themselves in the middle of another contintent with a gun to their head?

Let’s be really blunt about this: how many foreigners have the other candidates even ever had conversations with, at any level, on any subject, aside from tourism and perhaps family gatherings? What do the other other candidates even know about other countries? Which candidate is known and respected all over the world for his work all over the world?

Which candidate’s knowledge and experience will be most useful for doing the foreign policy work of Congress? Michael Arcuri? Leon Koziol? Please.

Arcuri supporters, in particular, tell us how, precisely, Arcuri has the most foreign policy credibility, if only to satisfy our curiosity. I will allow that there are many good things to be said about Michael Arcuri, and some of them even pertain to his qualifications in this race–but foreign policy credibility???

Which candidate do I want representing me on foreign policy? Which candidate is actually capable of hitting the ground running in Congress to bring the kind of knowledge and expertise our government so sorely needs?

How could it possibly be anyone other Les Roberts?


I couldn’t agree more. Among the 24th district Democrats, the choice on foreign policy is clear. The voice of credibility and experience is Les Roberts for Congress in 2006!


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