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Ray Meier Supported Tax Loophole Just For Millionaires

Supporters of Ray Meier have a lot of explaining to do to the working people of the 24th District.

You see, while in the New York State Senate, Ray Meier voted for a bill to give a special tax break that only applies to millionaires.

In spite of all this death tax nonsense, the truth is that there has already been an exemption on any New York State tax on inheritances below one million dollars. You inherit less than a million dollars, you don’t have to pay any New York State tax on that income. That’s pretty fair, isn’t it?

Not in Ray Meier’s world. In the world of Republican elites that Ray Meier moves around in, a million dollars is considered to be chump change. So, Ray Meier got hopping mad when he found out that people who get inheritances of one million dollars or more are expected to pay their dues to society before living a life of ease.

Ray Meier voted to extend the special tax loophole all the way up to people who inherit 1.5 million dollars.

Now, how many of your neighbors have inherited over a million dollars from their parents?

Apparently, Ray Meier thinks that the worst economic problem New York’s 24th congressional district faces is that millionaires who didn’t even work for their money are asked to give just a little bit back. Oh, the poor suffering rich kids!

Raymond, you’re out of touch. Your special favors to the fat cats who live outside our district are an insult to the working people here in Upstate New York.

The 24th district needs a voice that understands the real need of our hard-working families. We need a congressman who has a real plan for solid economic security for our local communities.

We need

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