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Les Roberts Pledges to Defend Social Security

Why do I support Les Roberts for Congress? One reason is that Les Roberts has taken the time to craft a position on Social Security. His Democratic opponents, Leon Koziol and Michael Arcuri, have not.

It’s not a surprise that Les Roberts has more expertise on matters like Social Security. He has a long history of working to establish systems of public infrastructure, with organizations like the IRC, the Centers for Disease Control, Johns Hopkins University, and the United States government. Les Roberts is not merely some local politician who believes that politics is about making powerful friends. Les Roberts is the kind of candidate who really understands that politics is a medium through which we can make the world a better place.

That kind of mix of idealism and practical, hard scrabble experience is the reason I support Les Roberts for Congress in 2006. Here is the statement Les Roberts has made on Social Security:

“The Social Security System is the greatest safety net for seniors ever developed in this nation. Millions of people who have worked hard all their lives, have played by the rules, and contributed every day to society, would live in poverty if not for the Social Security System. This administration has cited the privatization of Social Security as one of its highest priorities. This is simply wrong. Social security needs to be shored-up and preserved, not dissolved in a scheme to make the rich get richer at the expense of the average retiree.

Likewise, Medicare Part D, a plan partially written and designed with the insurance industry, has been a bad mistake. Our seniors need a national drug insurance plan, without the so-called “donut” which forces many seniors to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket if they go above a modest threshold.

Many of our senior citizens struggle to pay for heating, for drugs, for housing, and live in constant fear that they will not be able to afford the basic necessities. The last five years of single party control in Washington have just made their plight worse. As your Congressman, I will fight to save Social Security, establish a rational drug insurance system, and to help seniors live in the modest comfort they have earned and deserve.”


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